Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was a little camera happy yesterday, so I have some more pictures to share.
Shaun took Ethan for a little ride around the parking lot on the scooter. Ethan was scared to death at the idea at first and we had to practically force him to get on the thing, but he ended up loving it. He asked to go around the parking lot again and again and told Daddy to go fast. He had a lot of fun on our "motorcycle," but you can't really tell from the pictures. It turned out that the best way for Ethan to ride was standing, but I didn't get a picture of that.

These are some pictures of Spencer's fast-growing teeth.

This is Ethan being silly and showing off his new haircut.

This is the calm before the storm.

Then, the storm. The boys started wrestling while I was trying to take pictures of them and Spencer's weapon of choice was his new set of teeth. He has become quite the biter, although he never seems to really hurt Ethan (but he hurts me!).

He's getting ready to bite Ethan's foot here.

Since Spencer learned to clap recently, he does it all the time. The other day he clapped and said "yay!" after each bite he took of his dinner. (He says yay, but it sounds more like aahhhh.) He is saying "yay" here, too.


mommyofthree said...

So cute. Spencer's teeth make him look like such a big boy!

scrap chair potato said...

I want to eat them up!!! (Although I guess that would teach Spencer that it is okay to bite.)
Cute, cute, cute!!!

N&A said...

Cute boys. Your oldest one looks a lot like you. I never noticed the first comment you left in my blog-sorry. Welcome! -aubrey