Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scooter Date

Shaun and I decided to celebrate picking up our scooter by taking it on a date last night. (This probably won't happen very often since we, together, exceed the weight limit, but we had to do it at least once.) It was fun and surprisingly not as scary as I thought it would be. I did get a little nervous on the turns and while changing lanes, but I felt pretty safe for the most part. The best part was when we were going up a pretty steep hill and were only able to make it up to 20 mph. It was a little embarrassing, but we got a good laugh and I'm sure the motorists around us did, too. In fact, judging from the looks we got throughout our evening, we must have looked something like this: (I guess you weren't too far off, scooter.)

And I think McD must have been lying (or we really did look that bad) because none of the motorcyclists on the road (not even the old ones, not even in the dark) acknowledged us. Even the fellow putt-putters on scooters seemed to look the other way as we passed. I was very cold on our way home because I forgot to bring a jacket, but we had fun anyway. My friend and I also decided, after she rode home from the dealership with me, that we will be using the scooter (at least sometimes) when we go out together from now on. She also decided that she wants to buy one for herself. The scooter is so much fun, but I might have to get some full leathers because the thought of the possible road rash makes my skin crawl!


scrap chair potato said...

I love the picture you chose. It makes me giggle!
Sounds like fun. I LOVE a scooter date!

Josh said...

That picture made me laugh out loud. I'm sure that's how we'd look too. I'm pushing to get one, but Brooke's held up on this mental image of me crashing in a fiery death.

mommyofthree said...

SWEET! I can't wait to see you in your leather pants in July.