Monday, June 23, 2008

Super Mommy

The boys and I wanted to dedicate this blog to mommy. Mommy got a job at Wal Mart a couple weeks ago. She works 4 nights a week from 7 to 11. We just wanted to say thank you for going to work after a long day of keeping up with us boys. We appreciate you and are grateful for your help paying the bills as well. We pray for you every night before we go to sleep. So remember, half way through your shift we're talking about you with the "Man Up Stairs". Lots of loves and hugs from the home front!

Shaun (Dad) Ethan (Ocean) Spencer (Usher)


Ashlie Dalton said...

Wow! You are one hard working mama! I can't imagine keeping up with two boys all day and then working a job in the evening! My hat goes off to you. Good luck :)

Emily said...

Thanks, boys!

scrap chair potato said...

Awww! You would have thought that was written for me with the way it made me tear up!
You both work hard to keep things going. Good job!
Great picture, Shaun!

Scooter said...

Nice picture. Maybe you can get a bump in salary if Walmart actually uses it on a billboard!

I'll ask around.