Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Pictures

I just can't help it. We seem to get more good pictures around here than good stories. Here are some pictures that I liked from the last week. I know I'm not doing so well with Time Machine Tuesday, I just have a hard time thinking of any good stories from long ago. I will work on it, though.

I think this pretty much sums Ethan up.

Shaun says Ethan looks just like Mommy in this picture.

Cute sleeping baby.

I just LOVE Spencer's "cleavage".

An airplane drawn by Ethan using his favorite medium.

Spencer and Mommy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Ethan has always been afraid of the vacuum, any vacuum. They're just too loud for him. (All loud noises have always made him nervous. I went to see a fireworks show when I was eight months pregnant with him and he was completely still during it and for about an hour afterward. I thought something might be wrong with him, but that's another story.) Every time I turn on the vacuum I have to tell him to get ready and he usually runs to sit on the couch. The other day, he made a huge mess with Cheerios and I told him he needed to pick them all up. He started picking them up one by one and taking them to the garbage can. He kept getting distracted, so I mentioned to him that if he used the vacuum he could pick them up a lot faster. I said "Do you want to use the vacuum?" He, of course, said no with a nervous look on his face. I went to get the Dust Buster anyway, just in case. I, not wanting to scare him away from his task, asked him if I could turn it on. He said "NO!" and ran to the couch. I then told him I wouldn't turn it on until he said I could, but I kept reminding him that it would be faster to use the vacuum. I finally couldn't take his slowness anymore and told him I was going to turn the vacuum on, but that I would hold him so he was OK. I turned it on and he jumped, but soon warmed up to it and even put his hand in front of the nozzle. I showed him how it worked and coaxed him into touching the handle. He loved seeing the cereal "disappear" when he touched it, so he vacuumed the entire area under the table with glee. He now asks for the green vacuum when he sees a mess on the floor. Yay for little helpers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Cool!

There was a car accident less than a block from our house yesterday evening just before I left for work. I saw many emergency vehicles parked in the area when I left, but I didn't get close enough to see what had happened. Then, while I was at work I called home and Ethan got on the phone to tell me about the BIG, LOUD, helicopter he saw. Shaun then got on the phone to explain. They had heard the life flight helicopter land, so they decided to go outside and check it out. They were able to get pretty close to the helicopter and when it took off, it went right over their heads. Shaun said that it didn't look like they actually put anyone in the helicopter, so hopefully that meant that the injuries didn't require it after all. I haven't been able to find any news about the accident so we still don't know what happened, but Shaun thinks it might have involved a motorcycle. Although I'm not glad that there was an accident, I am glad that Ethan was able to see a helicopter so close up. He has always loved helicopters, and he thought this was SO COOL.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice Hair!

This is especially for Scrappy. I couldn't pick just one picture, so get ready for another overload.

We learned from trying this hair do that Spencer's hair is quite a bit darker than Ethan's was. You can see that, too if you look at Ethan's mohawk picture in post Number 50.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Number 50

This is my 50th post! I know most people don't celebrate until they reach 100, but I think it's time for a celebration. I've decided that, in honor of my 50th post, I will share 50 of my favorite pictures from our library before I entered the blog world. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Coming home from the hospital. So tiny!

In the Bili bed. It was so sad, but so cute.

Daddy and Ethan took lots of naps together. I thought it was cute.

Ethan's blessing day.

Eating cousin Addison's ear.

Cute thumb sucking.

Eating Grandma's bouncer.

Daddy found him sleeping like this. So funny.

He was laughing so hard.

I loved his snaggle tooth.

In Uncle Nate's hammock.

He loves his bread.

Daddy put me in a tree!

Fun in a pillowcase.

How many cousins does it take to bathe and dress an Ethan? :)

How do I look?

He loves his brother!

Birthday cake mess.

This is where the Care Bears obsession began. This is how he carried it while crawling.

Looking at a waterfall with Grandma and Grandpa.

Our little hero.

Here he was playing with the light that was shining through the blinds. It was so funny!


Spencer and Uncle R.Jay.

Spencer and Uncle Nathan.

Ethan was really loving Mary this day.

Spencer and Shaylie.