Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time Machine Tuesday- Ethan Learns to Crawl

One of the best things I have ever been able to watch is Ethan learning to crawl. He didn't like staying in one spot, so he was determined to get moving any way he could. In these pictures he was about 7 1/2 months old.

What was so great about the way he learned to crawl was that he really had the arm movements down (even though he would use both hands at once a lot instead of alternating), but he just couldn't figure out how to get his knees to work. So he would start out looking like he might get it...

Then every time he'd try, it would usually end in a face plant like this:

or this:

He did finally work it out, but I could have watched him crawl like this forever. The best part was that these face plants didn't seem to phase him, he just went right on to do it again.

I also love this picture:

It is so great (and weird) to look back at these pictures. I forget that Ethan used to be Spencer's size, and he looks so much different now I almost don't believe the old pictures are really of him. I think I expect to see Spencer's face when I look at a picture of my baby.

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scrap chair potato said...

Cute! I remember getting these picture in an email. Wasn't that just last month??? I cannot believe he will be three this summer!