Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mouse Perfume

Here's a tip for those that attempt to capture mice: If you're going to set multiple mouse traps in your house make sure you remember where you put them. About a week ago I noticed a foul smell coming from the laundry room. My first thought was 'I got him', so I looked in all the places I remember putting a trap. Nothing. I left it alone for a couple days thinking maybe it was smelly laundry, but when I came back the stench was worse. I looked around again then wondered if the mouse had died in the air duct and the heater was blowing the smell around. As I was cleaning out the laundry room tonight I finally moved a table that was standing upright and there lay the trap with not one but two peaceful mouse corpses. May they now rest in the dumpster. If the transportation of the mice from my home to the dumpster made me gag, I can't imagine what Emily's reaction would have been. BARF?

Friday, December 5, 2008

'Tis The Season... be silly. I did this mostly for Ethan's entertainment. He thinks it's hilarious. Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fall Fun

I have been so busy and on a blogging hiatus, so this is another catch-up post. I don't really remember much about the past month or so except for Thanksgiving week (which was fun and stressful). I haven't been taking many pictures either, but I have a few.

My boys rented Wall-E a couple of weeks ago and had a movie night complete with popcorn. I thought they looked pretty cute getting ready for the movie to start. And I think I earned a worst mom award: I'm pretty sure that Spencer (with my permission) ate more popcorn than Shaun and Ethan did combined. He loves it!

Ethan did his first painting this week. I know he's a little old to have never painted before, but I never really thought about it before now. He loved it and I think he did a pretty good job.

I did the "Ethan" and the heart. He did the rest.

Spencer's latest love (besides climbing on the table) is wearing Mommy's shoes.

He didn't want Daddy to think his shoes weren't worth trying on, so he tried them, too. He couldn't really walk in them, though, so he still prefers mine.

We found a place to live down south, and we will probably be moving the weekend before Christmas. I am trying to get motivated to pack, but I'm worried about finding mice in boxes and growing piles, so I've been putting it off in hopes that Shaun will help me do some of the dirty work this weekend. I think Shaun is excited to start school, and I'm really excited to live closer to family and to have a third bedroom.