Thursday, June 28, 2007

Memories of Spencer

--Spencer loves to make people laugh. He sometimes thinks he's pretty funny. He also loves getting into things and is starting to realize when he's doing something naughty. When he gets caught, he quickly stops what he's doing and smirks. (September, 2008)

--Spencer finally cut his 7th tooth (first molar) on September 20, 2008.

--One day I went to get Spencer from his nap and he was sitting bent over in his bed blowing raspberries on his own leg. I stood and watched him for a few seconds since he didn't know I was there, and he briefly stopped to laugh and then went at it again. (June, 2008)

--All on the same day Spencer (finally) cut his third tooth, learned to crawl on his hands and knees, and learned to drink from a straw (and had his first taste of cow's milk). It was a big day for him! (5/15/2008)

--Spencer's favorite way to dance is to shake his head. We can't decide if he likes music or not! :) (Spring, 2008)

--Spencer loves to play with his tongue. He sticks it out all the time, especially when he's happy. Most of the time he just sticks it out a little bit and it's pointy. It is so cute! (2007-2008)