Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know that this isn't a great way to break back into the blogging world (at least I hope I'm back), but these are just about the only pictures I've taken lately. These injuries also happen to be some of the most exciting things that have happened recently.

On February 6, Ethan fell face first on the floor and took a nice accidental bite out of his lip. He was very sad, and it took him a while to calm down enough to let me take this picture.

This is what it looked like a couple of days later. No, that's not a maggot. :)

On February 23, while I was still in Salt Lake (for my awesomely amazing and fun Celine Dion concert) Ethan fell and hit his ear on the edge of our rocker. These photos were both taken the next day.

Ethan seems to me to be a very fast healer. He always babies his little everyday scratches more than he babied these two injuries. He was a real trooper.
Just today Ethan slammed Spencers little pinky in their bedroom door. I couldn't get a good picture, but this is one of his worst injuries to date.

For a little update: Spencer is talking more and more everyday. He is a real stinker and cracks me up all the time. Ethan is learning to read books and write more letters. He is always making me a proud mama.