Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Any Ideas?

My 100th post is coming up and I would like to do something different for it. Perhaps something I've never done before. Does anyone have a great idea for what I could do? It could be anything. Please get creative. But hurry; only four posts left before the big 100.

Look, Ma. No Hands!

Lately Spencer has become a big leaner. He leans on everything (and everyone). We think he feels pretty big being able to stand without holding on to anything. He loves having his hands free to play even though he can't stand by himself yet.

Here he's watching 'Signing Time'. A couple of minutes after I took this picture he got tired and decided to sit on the floor instead.

Grease Monkey

While Ethan was taking his first bike ride last Tuesday, Spencer was having his own fun. Normally, I would have freaked out at the sight of this, but on this particular day, for some reason, I decided to let it slide.

He was loving every second of it and was glad to add to the humor of it by touching his face with his filthy hand.

He thought his black hands were very interesting. He looked at them for a while and gave my sister plenty of time to get some great pics of them.

This trip to the asphalt didn't help his case any.

He was completely filthy and needed a bath right away.

I'm sure that Grandpa was happy to see that this grandson is definitely a car guy and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Splash Pad Fun

On Ethan's birthday we went with my sister's family to the splash pad in downtown St. George. It was a really perfect day for playing in the water. The boys both really loved it. Spencer enjoyed it more than I thought he would. He loves the bath, but he hates the pool. I thought he would hate this, too. He really liked crawling and cruising around in the little stream.

I didn't get a whole lot of good pictures of that because every time I told him to look at me he shook his head "no". I think maybe it was because it was too bright.

Ethan loved running (although I told him to walk about 300 times) around the splash pad. He was a little bit shocked at first when the water hit his face...

But after he got used to it, he welcomed it.

Here he is putting his hair in the water.

I sat Spencer in the grass while Ethan was playing on the splash pad. You can see how red he is in this picture. He was obviously feeling too hot because right after I took this picture...

He ran (crawled) straight for the middle of the splash pad.

His cousin went to save him so that I wouldn't have to get wet, then I helped him find his very own fountain to play with.

I love this picture of the whole pad and my kids.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Seriously, My Children!

This is what Spencer decided to do while I was on the phone trying to resolve a problem with the scooter today.

He has always loved playing with our printer, but I never thought he would climb on top of it. I guess it is cause for celebration, though. This is the highest he has climbed to date. What a stinker he is, too!

Got Milk?

Many of you probably know that Ethan has a pretty intense addiction to milk. This morning at snack time he asked me for some milk. Since he had milk with his breakfast, I told him he could have juice or water. He protested then seemed to get over it quickly. Seconds later, I turned to see what he was up to and this is what I saw.

He has never done this before, so he had a little trouble keeping the milk in his mouth. He got a little bit wet.

I guess the addiction is worse than I thought. Do you think they have a 12-step program for milkaholics? What a stinker!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sexy Magazine!

A beautiful mother of two and wife of one was spotted in St. George, Utah over the weekend. "I'm just out for a stroll" she said. This gorgeous 25 year old made "Sexy Magazines" top 10 sexy women of July 2008.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ethan's Birthday!

July 22 was Ethan's third birthday. It was a really fun day and I have A LOT of pictures to share once again. They're not all great pictures, but they show how much fun Ethan had on his day. We were at Grandma and Grandpa Dibb's house that day visiting them and my sister and her kids. It was so fun for Ethan to have some of his cousins that don't live near us at his party. And it was great for me to have my sister there to help me make Ethan's cake (thanks!).

Ethan was greeted by a bunch of balloons (Thanks, again, to my sister. My lungs are apparently VERY weak.) outside of his bedroom door when he got up in the morning. He was very excited and played with them most of the day.

Here he's showing me his favorite green ones.

Here he is "making a party". He would line all of the balloons up then crash into them so they would fly everywhere. I'm not sure where he got the idea that that's all it takes to "make a party". It was cute.

After a fun time at the local splash pad (look for pics in a later post) and some shopping time, we went home to prepare for the party. Sarah, Journey, and Addie came, but we were sad that Grandma Richardson had to work. She did get to stop by and say happy birthday, though.

We started the fun with some games. The first was Ring Around the Rosy. The kids obviously enjoyed themselves.

Next was Duck, Duck, Goose.

Ethan didn't really get the object of the game, so he ran during everyone's turn.

The other kids thought it was so funny, and soon everyone was up and running in circles.

After the games we sat down to sing a few songs. My sister caught this cute look on Ethan's face.

She also caught her cute son begging for "jooo" (juice).

After singing Ethan opened his presents. I think he was a little overwhelmed, but he was excited.

Next it was cake time. Ethan had a WordWorld rainbow cake. It turned out almost exactly the way I envisioned it, thanks, once again, to my sister.

It was very "frostingy" (a decided "Dibb word" my sister and I both used to describe it).

After cake it was time to try out all the new toys. Ethan got eight aircraft that he loves.

He also got a bike that he won't use the pedals on, but he still loves it.

Ethan had a very good birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day! I still can't believe I have a three year old. My bud is growing up so fast!