Friday, July 25, 2008

Ethan's Birthday!

July 22 was Ethan's third birthday. It was a really fun day and I have A LOT of pictures to share once again. They're not all great pictures, but they show how much fun Ethan had on his day. We were at Grandma and Grandpa Dibb's house that day visiting them and my sister and her kids. It was so fun for Ethan to have some of his cousins that don't live near us at his party. And it was great for me to have my sister there to help me make Ethan's cake (thanks!).

Ethan was greeted by a bunch of balloons (Thanks, again, to my sister. My lungs are apparently VERY weak.) outside of his bedroom door when he got up in the morning. He was very excited and played with them most of the day.

Here he's showing me his favorite green ones.

Here he is "making a party". He would line all of the balloons up then crash into them so they would fly everywhere. I'm not sure where he got the idea that that's all it takes to "make a party". It was cute.

After a fun time at the local splash pad (look for pics in a later post) and some shopping time, we went home to prepare for the party. Sarah, Journey, and Addie came, but we were sad that Grandma Richardson had to work. She did get to stop by and say happy birthday, though.

We started the fun with some games. The first was Ring Around the Rosy. The kids obviously enjoyed themselves.

Next was Duck, Duck, Goose.

Ethan didn't really get the object of the game, so he ran during everyone's turn.

The other kids thought it was so funny, and soon everyone was up and running in circles.

After the games we sat down to sing a few songs. My sister caught this cute look on Ethan's face.

She also caught her cute son begging for "jooo" (juice).

After singing Ethan opened his presents. I think he was a little overwhelmed, but he was excited.

Next it was cake time. Ethan had a WordWorld rainbow cake. It turned out almost exactly the way I envisioned it, thanks, once again, to my sister.

It was very "frostingy" (a decided "Dibb word" my sister and I both used to describe it).

After cake it was time to try out all the new toys. Ethan got eight aircraft that he loves.

He also got a bike that he won't use the pedals on, but he still loves it.

Ethan had a very good birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day! I still can't believe I have a three year old. My bud is growing up so fast!


gma dibb said...

Fun pictures. Too bad we don't all have the imagination to "make a party" so inexpensively. It was a fun party and a great looking cake.

mommyofthree said...

I love the frostingy cake. Very cute. Wish I could have been there too!

scrap chair potato said...

It was so much fun! Especially the part where we stayed up until 2 in the morning to make the cake. :)
How is Ethan liking the bike? Has he figured out the pedals yet?