Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Splash Pad Fun

On Ethan's birthday we went with my sister's family to the splash pad in downtown St. George. It was a really perfect day for playing in the water. The boys both really loved it. Spencer enjoyed it more than I thought he would. He loves the bath, but he hates the pool. I thought he would hate this, too. He really liked crawling and cruising around in the little stream.

I didn't get a whole lot of good pictures of that because every time I told him to look at me he shook his head "no". I think maybe it was because it was too bright.

Ethan loved running (although I told him to walk about 300 times) around the splash pad. He was a little bit shocked at first when the water hit his face...

But after he got used to it, he welcomed it.

Here he is putting his hair in the water.

I sat Spencer in the grass while Ethan was playing on the splash pad. You can see how red he is in this picture. He was obviously feeling too hot because right after I took this picture...

He ran (crawled) straight for the middle of the splash pad.

His cousin went to save him so that I wouldn't have to get wet, then I helped him find his very own fountain to play with.

I love this picture of the whole pad and my kids.

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mommyofthree said...

Cute! It looks less crowded than when we went. Fun, fun.