Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Any Ideas?

My 100th post is coming up and I would like to do something different for it. Perhaps something I've never done before. Does anyone have a great idea for what I could do? It could be anything. Please get creative. But hurry; only four posts left before the big 100.


scrap chair potato said...

100 already?? I thought I was getting close and then went through and erased some drafts, not I have like 10 or 11 left until then. Whew! I am not quite ready for it yet.
Sorry, I don't have any good ideas right now. I will think about it.

mommyofthree said...

How about 100 pictures? Oh, wait, you always do that. (Which I love!!)
100 things that we might not know about you (you better start now, it will take a while to get creative.)
100 reasons you have the best sisters ever.
100 things you like to eat (maybe there are that many...there probably are.)
100 pictures from your childhood (are you visiting mom soon?)
100 places you'd like to visit.
100 things you learned in school.
100 things you love (THAT is a fabulous idea!)
100---Nothing. Why do we put pressure on when really it doesn't matter? Just keep doing the great things you always do.

Nana J said...

How about giving your aunt $100 :-).