Saturday, July 5, 2008

Roberts Reunion

Last Saturday we went to the Roberts Family reunion. It was fun to see everyone and visit. Ethan's favorite part was playing in the park. He ate part of a roll while we were there; he was too busy playing to eat more than that. Spencer ate everything. I think the food was his favorite part. Grandma and Grandpa Dibb brought a cake for Spencer's birthday.

Shaun had to pry broccoli out of Spencer's mouth so that he could eat some of his cake.

I love this picture.

Ethan got too close to the beast. :)

Here Spencer is going in for a kiss.

I'm not sure what they're doing here. :)

Shaun and the boys left the party early (at about 4:00) The boys were definitely ready to call it a day. Shaun took this pic on the drive home.

I think it's so funny that they're in almost the same position.


scrap chair potato said...

So cute! I wish I could have been there.
I had to reread the part about the broccoli. I thought you were saying that Shaun had to take the broccoli out of Ethan's mouth so Shaun could eat the broccoli... Yuck!
I love the picture of the boys sleeping. They are so sweet.

Emily said...

You're right, it did sound that way. I fixed it.