Monday, July 28, 2008

Got Milk?

Many of you probably know that Ethan has a pretty intense addiction to milk. This morning at snack time he asked me for some milk. Since he had milk with his breakfast, I told him he could have juice or water. He protested then seemed to get over it quickly. Seconds later, I turned to see what he was up to and this is what I saw.

He has never done this before, so he had a little trouble keeping the milk in his mouth. He got a little bit wet.

I guess the addiction is worse than I thought. Do you think they have a 12-step program for milkaholics? What a stinker!

1 comment:

scrap chair potato said...

So funny! He looks so big in that last picture. Didn't I just see him last week? He can't be that much bigger already!
Oh, if you do find a 12 step program pass along the info, Lucky could use some help with that too... for milk and juice. :)