Friday, November 28, 2008

Mac Mom

I need to take a moment to welcome my mom to the Apple community! Way to go mom. You make a son proud!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008


At about midnight last night I got home from a night out with my friend. I had been listening to a CD while I was driving, and I wanted to finish the song that was playing before I got out of my car. I turned my car's engine and headlights off and sat listening to my music. Two police officers came walking into the parking lot to their separate cars. One of the men got in his car and drove away immediately. The other (who was backed in a few spots down with a truck between his and my car) stood by the back of his car facing toward mine. He looked around with an "I hope no one sees me" look on his face, then stood pretty still. I thought for a second Why is this guy trying to hide? It's not like people can't see him. Then, after watching him for about a minute, my brain turned on. This cop was peeing in my parking lot! He apparently had no idea that I was watching him. I could have sworn he could see me, but I guess not. It was hilarious (and gross)! Thankfully, I could only see him from the waist up.
When I told Shaun about it, he thought I should have gotten out of the car and told him "We can do this one of two ways: I can call your supervisor now, or you can give me $100 cash." I totally wish I'd have thought of that. :) At the very least I should have quickly exited my car and given him an innocent "hello", just to let him know he wasn't alone.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have had some somewhat unexpected and crazy things happen in my life the past couple of weeks. I have felt like I haven't had much time to blog, but now I think I have plenty to talk about.

Last Wednesday Shaun's twin sister, Sarah, had her precious son Myles 11 weeks early. Myles was blessed with a strong set of lungs and is doing really well. They hope he will be out of the hospital by Christmas. That's a kind of a crazy thought since he wasn't even expected to be born until January. We are so excited to meet Myles and are very grateful that he and Sarah are both doing great.

Yesterday my stupendous dad went in for surgery to remove a growth on his Thyroid. Before going in they had determined that there was about (I think) a 30% chance that it was cancer. When they got in there they discovered that the tumor was actually a very aggressive (and stuck to everything) cancerous tumor. They ended up removing his entire thyroid. Going into the surgery my dad's greatest fear was having his vocal chords injured. Thankfully, they weren't, and he is doing pretty well today. He is in pain, but I think he's recovering as well as expected. They will do an MRI to make sure that the cancer didn't spread to other organs. He is also going to be given RAI (Radioactive Iodine) therapy. Usually a combination of surgery and RAI wipes out the cancer completely, so the prognosis is very good. I am so thankful that Dad is going to be ok, and that his tie won't bother him anymore. We love you, Dad!
As I was searching for the best description for RAI, I found this site. I think it's kind of cool that my dad will be "Radioactive Man" for a few days. Look out, mom!

Here is Dad practicing one of his great talents; cooking.

I saw a mouse in my house this morning (three times), and I am not happy about it. This isn't really something that is crazy, just something that is making me crazy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Frozen!

I can't take this cold weather! It is snowing today, and I am so not ready for winter. I'm never ready. I really need to live somewhere that has 75-80 degree weather all year long. Shaun doesn't understand why it bothers me since I don't spend much time outside, but I'm inside right now with the furnace set to 74 degrees and I'm FREEZING. I am planning a trip south to help my sister-in-law who is in the hospital next week and I can't wait. I think even if she ends up not needing me, I'll go just to escape the cold.

On another note; history was made yesterday. I am going to mention it for the sake of journaling. I have never been too interested in politics, but this year I have paid a little bit more attention to what the Presidential candidates were all about. Although Obama was not my pick (actually neither of the candidates really were), I was not at all surprised by the outcome. Since I didn't have many strong feelings about which candidate would be better for our country, I am now just pleased to know how far our country has come since 1965 when ALL blacks were finally given the right to vote. I like the show "24", and I absolutely loved the President Palmer character. The fact that he was a black man in the White House actually didn't surprise me much, so I don't fully understand why so many people thought that the possibility of us having a black President was far-fetched, but I do realize that yesterday was a HUGE day for the history books. It will be interesting to see how much "change" will actually take place in the next four years.