Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ethan Chews Gum

Yesterday Ethan and I were sitting at the computer and I noticed a piece of gum in front of me, so I popped one in my mouth. Well, my 2 year old who always mimics his daddy decided he wanted a piece too. So little by little I fed him the stick of gum, constantly checking to see if he was swallowing it. I kept saying "chew" and he would follow by saying "two" while holding up his fingers. "No Ethan CHEW" I said. "TWO" he replied back. "No Ethan "CCCHHHEEEEWWW" I said slightly frustrated. Ethan then said "One". So I gave up on that and just watched his mouth. He knew exactly what he was doing. He chewed that gum for hours like he was trying to quit smoking or something. Yet again our son impresses with yet another amazing feat. WELL IT WAS AMAZING TO US...OKAY. Shaun

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Splish Splash

Well hello there everyone. Emily has done a great job keeping up with our blog. Our kids are growing up fast, getting cuter by the minute. We are wrapping up on the move from Orem to Lehi. Everything has gone exceptionally well. The only bloodshed came from the big toe of Grandpa Dibb. While helping me move an entertainment center he somehow managed to peel back his big toenail. OUCH! Well that’s what he said. The doctor said it would take a year for it to fully grow back. He kept the nail as a reminder not to help his kids move again. J/K Ethan loves to splash in his little pool. We went out today and he played while dad snapped some shots. Emily's parents are on an Alaskan cruise right now. LUCKY! Tomorrow, Emily's brother R. Jay and I will be wrapping production on "Iron...ic Horror 3". It's the third installment to my iron killing horror trilogy. I'm working at Hollywood Video now. It's a fun job. I love conversing with customers about movies. It's an occupation right down my alley. Getting free rentals is a nice perk. There's a bill we won't have to flip anymore. Shaun