Thursday, July 17, 2008

Parties and Messes

My nephew turned six on Monday and had a family party on Sunday to celebrate. We had yummy cake and ice cream, but the kids' favorite part was playing on the trampoline at his house. Ethan has so much fun with his cousins. I wish we could spend more time with them.

Spencer's hair got really crazy on the trampoline. He had fun, too.

We also took some family pictures at the party. I will hopefully be able to post some soon (if they turn out).

Today I set Spencer down to play. He immediately made his way to the kitchen (his favorite room of the house). Before I turned my back everything was in it's place (for the most part) and closed. When I turned back to see what he was up to a few minutes later, this is what I saw. He was very proud of himself.


Mostly K8 with a little G said...

Oh my gosh.. I totally FORGOT about that blind date ( it took me a minute to think remember).. Wow! What a long time ago! I remember you dating Shaun back in the day of Rocky Mountain Factory! Now that was a LONG time ago! Crazy! ;)

p.s.. how's R.J. doing? We haven't seen him for a bit.

scrap chair potato said...

Spencer is the cutest baby ever!!!

mythreekids said...

Hi Emily and Shaun! The picture of Spencer in the kitchen reminds me of my littlest one. I think it is so cute!