Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Little Gymnasts (and Spaghetti)

The boys were playing with Daddy Tuesday and proved to be quite the little gymnasts. Shaun decided to "fly" them both at the same time. Ethan thought it was pretty funny. There were two positions in this game.

Position 1:

Position 2:

Oh, there was some crashing, too.

Shaun was also throwing Spencer on to the couch. Spencer loved it and got off of the couch all by himself! He is getting so big!

After Daddy was done playing, Ethan wasn't done showing off his gymnast skills. He thought it was great when I laughed and took pictures instead of telling him to get down.

This was before the gymnastics. I'm not sure why I make spaghetti anymore. It took me at least five minutes to clean up the boys' mess.


mommyofthree said...

So cute. I remember those days of wishing you had a hose in the house to clean up dinner...

scrap chair potato said...

I love the crashing picture!
Ethan is so cute up on the couch and chair.
I always wonder what I am doing when I take pictures of the boys doing naughty things. It makes for some cute pictures though. :)
I love the spaghetti pictures.

Diane said...

Kids + Spaghetti = one awful mess of good times