Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time Machine Tuesday- Pioneer Trek 2001

Shaun and I lived in the same stake when we lived in Ivins. In the summer of 2001, our stake had a pioneer trek for youth conference. I didn't want to go at first, but my friends and leaders talked me into going at the last minute (well, not really the last minute. I did have time to make two skirts and make a trip to the D.I. for other clothes.) I had so much more fun than I imagined I would and I also had a some very good spiritual experiences. My Ma and Pa were an amazing couple, the Dennetts, who are my and Shaun's good friends. The most memorable parts of the trek were the women's pull and the yummy food.
The women's pull was an amazing experience where the men were "drafted" and taken away to war. The women and girls were then required to pull the handcarts up one of the biggest hills on the trek without any assistance from the men. It was so hard and many girls got sick from a combination of the heat, lack of food, and the hard work they were doing. This was where it was great to see the work of the Priesthood through blessings. The men were watching from the top of the hill and some got very emotional. That was also great to see.
The yummy food was a lot of dutch oven cooking and snacks like beef jerky and granola bars. It all tasted so good because I was so hungry. One night we even made scones. They tasted so good that I was licking the honey off of my fingers despite the two days' worth of dirt that was coating them. My extreme hunger wasn't enough to make the oatmeal we had for breakfast every morning taste good, though.

Shaun and I weren't in the same "family" so we weren't together constantly (much to his delight, I'm sure), but we did get to spend a lot of time together (much to my delight). The trek took place when I was in my totally-obsessed-with-Shaun phase, and he wasn't quite there with me yet. I thought he looked so cute in his "pioneer" outfits and hat and was so impressed by his horse-like strength.

My brother, Nathan, was on the trek, too. I love this picture of him and Shaun.
(Check out that dimple.) :)

The pioneer trek of 2001 was so much fun (and hard work) that when we were asked to be a Ma and Pa in our stake when we were first married we were excited to have the experience again. Anyone who has the opportunity to go on a pioneer trek should take it. The experience is one you can't get anywhere else and one you will never forget.


scrap chair potato said...

That is awesome. I love the pictures! :)

gma dibb said...

I loved being at the end of the trek watching all of the young people coming home. It was very emotional for me waiting for them to come, then seeing them come up over a rise in the road.