Monday, September 1, 2008

Spencer's First Haircut

Spencer got his first (very needed) haircut on August 15. Anyone who actually knows how to cut hair will be able to tell by the pictures that I had NO idea what I was doing. This was a lot harder than the usual buzz I give to Shaun and Ethan. It turned out ok, though, and now his hair isn't way too long. I took A LOT of pictures because I wanted to make sure this was properly documented. I don't have any pictures of Ethan's first haircut, and I was determined not to make that mistake again!
Here are some before shots. He was really showing his hair off to the camera.

This is the first during picture. Shaun really captured his initial fear in this one.

He absolutely HATED the clippers. Most noisy things really make him nervous, and this noisy thing was touching him.

Even after I switched to scissors, he was not a happy camper.

But, in true Spencer fashion, he was easily calmed with a little snack.

This is the back after being cut. I think this makes him look really grown up.

And this is the only after picture that doesn't show every cut I made with the scissors. :) Doesn't he look handsome?

Ethan decided that his bear needed a haircut, too. He did the honors with his pliers.

I think he (or she; I'm not sure what it is. Ethan goes back and forth on that.) looks pretty handsome, too.


Shaun said...

Let me be the first to say (on this post) that "usher" is an adorable little boy!

Amber said...

How funny that you and Mindy post about the same thing on the same day. What a cute baby! My boys did the very same thing during their first hair cuts (cry). But, all is well in the end, and we get a handsome little guy in the end.

mommyofthree said...

He looks so cute and grown up! Ethan is cute too with his pink Care Bear cutting his(her) hair. Make sure you keep the scissors up for a while. Right after Cinderella watched Sleeping Beauty get her first haircut was when we had our "haircutting incident". Scary. Although maybe not as scary with a buzzed hairdo anyway.