Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Pictures

Since I am still behind on posting and I haven't posted many pictures recently, I have some pictures to share of my silly kids.
These first two are of Spencer playing in the kitchen cupboards. I know all kids love getting into things, but I believe he could be the worst when it comes to choosing household items over toys. He hardly ever plays with toys. If I set him in a pile of toys, it takes about 5 seconds for him to get to the kitchen and start playing in the drawers and cupboards (and now the dishwasher!!).

This was very cute. He was "sharing" my music with me. Most of the time he was listening with a very intense look on his face and other times he was dancing. And now he knows where his ears are because I think I told him about 50 times "only in your ears" when he tried to put the ear bud in his mouth.

These four are of a "game" Spencer was playing a few nights ago while Aunt Christine and Uncle Nathan were watching the boys. Silly kid!

Ethan found some ants in our house and decided to hold a couple of them. I was shocked when he walked over to show me. He has always liked to talk to and "play" with ants, but he is so terrified of most other bugs (flies mostly) that I never imagined he would actually touch an ant. He thought it was pretty cool. He tried to get me to hold one, but I wouldn't.

This was this morning. Spencer spent about 30 minutes playing in this toy bin. He was entertaining himself so nicely that I didn't bother to take him out. He has gotten used to sitting in it lately since Daddy made a "train" out of the two bins and pulled the kids around. He even took them outside! It all happened while I was sleeping in a few mornings ago. Crazy Daddy! Luckily the bins held up pretty well to the abuse.

This is what my crazy, cute boys have been up to lately. Except I don't have any pictures that show Spencer walking. He is walking really well now. It's very cute. I'll see if I can figure out how to put some video of him on here soon.


mommyofthree said...

Cute! I love the one of him listening to the music. He looks so studious.

scrap chair potato said...

Very cute. They are so adorable and funny!
I would love to see video of Spencer walking. I hope you get it figured out.

Sarah said...

Isn't it funny how kids can kind the most random things SO fascinating? Kind of the whole "refrigerator box" phenomenon...

gma dibb said...

Fun! I love the one of Spencer all the way inside the cupboard.