Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Hypochondriacal Day

Spencer threw up four times during the night last night. He seems fine so far today, and he has had no other symptoms. I, of course, checked it out on WebMD. I guess he's all right, but I still am a little bit worried about him. I've been working on getting him rehydrated today.
Also today, I have been thinking about the fact that my eyes have had moments of weirdness the past few days. They, every once in a while, come unfocused and move (jerk). I have been somewhat worried that I had something else wrong with my eyes, but I've been trying to ignore it. Since I was having particular trouble with it this morning and WebMD was fresh on my mind, I decided to check it out. There was really only one possible condition that had a symptom of jerking eye movements other than intoxication (and I'm pretty sure I'm not intoxicated). The other main symptom of this condition is...vertigo. So, I think that I've determined that the cause of my vertigo is Labyrinthitis (cool name, eh?). Although there is no cure for this condition and it will still take about a month (or longer) to go away, it's interesting to know. I just thought I'd share the happenings of my hypochondriacal (yes, it's a real word) day with you.


gma dibb said...

Poor Spencer, and poor mom who got little sleep.

scrap chair potato said...

Awww. Poor baby. :( I am glad he is doing better today.
Man, vertigo is so strange. I hope you get over it soon.