Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Last Hurrah

A few weeks ago Shaun and Ethan made their last trip to our community pool before it closed for the season. Ethan really liked the pool this year and, although he is still no Michael Phelps, he made a lot of progress. Here are some of the things he learned this year.

Going under water voluntarily while plugging his nose.

Jumping in! He loved that (thanks to Aunt Jenn).

Blowing bubbles. He was so cute doing this. He always made noise when he did it and the longer he went, the louder he got.

Here he is holding on to Shaun's arm. He felt so big being in the water without Daddy holding him.

I am hoping that next year he will learn to swim a little bit and that he'll be on his own in the pool with water wings. I also hope that Spencer will like the pool next year!

Good job being so brave and learning to swim, Ethan! And thanks for helping him, Daddy!

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scrap chair potato said...

Cute! He is growing up too fast!