Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ethan's Turn

I think I got less than one hour of sleep last night. Partly because I went to bed way too late, but mostly because Ethan was throwing up most of the night. It is now almost 8:00 and he has thrown up 8 times since about (I think) 2:30 this morning. I would not be surprised if there is much more to come. It is so weird. He acts totally fine between each throw up session. I hope he gets over it as quickly as Spencer did. Spencer only threw up 4 times though, so we'll see. I also hope that Shaun and I don't get whatever they got. It seems to come on so abruptly that I'm afraid one of us will suddenly start throwing up when we're at work. Wouldn't that be fun! I'm crossing my fingers for a long nap today.


scrap chair potato said...

Good luck with the nap. That would be nice!
I hope you guys make it through work okay. :)

mommyofthree said...

I hope he gets better soon!

Emily said...

Well, I got an ok nap, but now it's MY turn. Yeah, I sure do know how to jinx myself!