Friday, August 29, 2008

The County Fair, 2008

On August 16, we went to our local County Fair. We thought the kids might enjoy themselves, but we were all pretty disappointed by it. There were very few animals to see and there were no activities that small children might enjoy, but there was one thing there that was worth the free admission to see. We all were very impressed with the Lego display that was there. I took a lot of pictures so that Ethan could look at it again and again, so I'm sharing quite a few.

The trains were obviously Ethan's favorite part.

This is how amazed he was by the whole thing.

We all got to sit on a big tractor. Ethan didn't like it so much, but Spencer thought it was pretty cool.

That was pretty much it. Yes, we looked at some livestock, but the kids didn't really care too much about it. At least we got to spend time together; that's what really counts.


scrap chair potato said...

That stinks that it was not more fun. There is nothing worse than a bad fair. I should know, ours (city fair) was horrible. Our state fair is next month though. We are SO excited about that.
That Lego display is pretty amazing. My boys would have loved it.
How could a little boy not like a tractor??? Cute pictures!

mommyofthree said...

You need to go to Legoland. The entire park is amazing like that. You'll only have to spend a small fortune to get in too. :)