Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dumpster Diving, Trains, and More

I feel like I've gotten way behind on blogging, so this will be a long post of many stories.

While everyone was here for the Family Reunion, we decided to take some family pictures. We took them with my brothers camera (which is nice) and Shaun and I played photographers. I just thought I'd share the silly photo we did, because I thought it turned out pretty cute. It also happens to be the only picture taken that Spencer looked at the camera. Stinker!

Our family.

Okay, now the stories start.

After unpacking the van from our camping trip with Shaun's family Shaun couldn't find the plastic bag that he had put his and Ethan's clothes in. Nobody, including Shaun, could remember carrying it into the house. They could, however, remember throwing bags of trash into the dumpster. So it was determined that Shaun's bag of clothes had been mistaken for a bag of trash. Shaun went to check the dumpster, and there it was. But, he couldn't reach it.

So he enlisted his niece, Journey, to assist him in his dumpster dive.

And the rescue was a success.

And, speaking of dumpsters, we had two dumpsters in our complex set on fire at two different times early this morning. I'm sure the fire department was happy about that.

The other day, Spencer taught himself a new trick. He got up on that chair all by himself.

He looked so big sitting and reading books with Ethan.

I was very proud of him at first, then he learned the even better trick of climbing from the chair onto the table. That's not so great. He also gets very frustrated now when he can't climb onto an adult sized chair. Oh, well. At least we're learning from all of this.

This is a train that Ethan built. He is extremely obsessed with trains lately and was very proud of this train that he made with a bunch of toys. I love that he included his doll's broken leg.

I think it's time for a haircut. What do you think?

Ethan has also been very good at playing Daddy the past few days. He has been putting Spencer in time out and scolding him by using his first and last name. He has also been playing with his bear a lot lately and showing it how to do things and singing songs with it. The bear has been in time out also. My favorite thing he has been doing with the bear was first an idea from Daddy. He feeds his bear because he wants to make it "poop" the food out.


McKenna said...

Oh my gosh how funny, we went dumpster diving this week two but my son got in trouble for it. What a cute family picture.

scrap chair potato said...

I love love love the pictures!!!
I sure am glad you were able to find the bag of clothes. That could have been bad.
That picture of Spencer made me tear up. He is so big now! What a cutie!
Maybe you should have Ethan teach his bear to go poop on the toilet. He might want to do it if his bear does it. :)

Emily said...

Good idea, scrappy. Maybe I'll try that.