Saturday, March 1, 2008


I am having a hard time really pushing the potty training thing because I think it might be too hard. Ethan is really interested in it, and I think I know what I'm doing, but I am definitely not ready for a huge, drawn-out fight. I am asking anyone who reads this blog to give me any tips or things that have worked for them. Ethan already likes to sit on his potty and will sometimes wear underwear, but he hasn't had that all important first success yet. Thanks!


mommyofthree said...

I say set him on his little potty in front of the TV, give him LOADS to drink, a ton of books, and eventually he'll go in the potty. Then, he knows what to do, and it becomes a little easier.
I also say, don't push it. He's still young, and he'll be potty-trained before kindergarten, even if you wait a few more months. If he seems not totally into the whole thing, give him a while.

scrap chair potato said...

You know my advice--wait until he is 3! :)

gma dibb said...

Even though I know that diapers are expensive and other children his age may be trained, I agree that time will take care of it. After the first couple of children we had I relaxed more about it and also knew that they would not go to kindergarten still nursing or in diapers. Patience. Don't compare with other relatives or friends children.

Diane said...

Wow, you need to call Heather. Easton was trained in pretty much a day after she finally convinced him he could go on the potty. But he is three and 1/2 and could tell you he couldn't use the potty without even trying. But as soon as he wet or pooped, he would come and tell you.

Anonymous said...

All great advice. I would add that you should sit next to him and read to him until he goes, then reward him like crazy (verbal rewards, not tangible - although I did reward my granddaughter with chocolate every time she went).

Scooter said...

What!? The magical Aunt Emily, Potty-training expert?

I just told my parenting class last week about how you came out to visit us and we told our oldest that you were going to potty-train her, as if you had some expertise. It worked amazingly well--Emily, Dumbo's magical feather.

On a serious note, I agree on taking a calm, patient approach. No need to create a power struggle over this. Just be very positive.