Friday, March 7, 2008

The Best Sound (and Sight) In The World

I usually try to keep Ethan away from Spencer when Spencer is playing on the floor (He is sitting up now) because he loves to squeeze his hands, steal his toys, and "ride" him while saying "Usher (Spencer), horsey". But lately, Spencer has enjoyed some of his time spent with Ethan on the floor. They have started to "wrestle" (Ethan does most of the wrestling) and their latest game is my new favorite thing to witness: Ethan tickling Spencer. Ethan will sit between Spencer's legs and tickle his belly. Spencer laughs harder than he ever does when I tickle him, then Ethan laughs and says "Usher, funny!" This will sometimes continue for 5 or 10 minutes, with them just laughing away at each other. I love that they can actually play together now, and I love that I can now hear laughter from both of my children without being the "laughee". It just seems to sound sweeter when you hear it from a distance. I am so grateful to have such beautiful, happy boys!

Some wrestling pics:


gma dibb said...

What cute pictures. It's great that Spencer doesn't scream when Ethan comes near him. Does Ethan get mad when Spencer pulls on his ears (as in the picture)? Fun, fun.

Shaun & Emily said...

gma dibb,
Ethan doesn't get mad when Spencer "hurts" him when they're wrestling, but if Spencer "hurts" him while just playing, Ethan usually tells him "no!" or "no way!"

mommyofthree said...

Super cute!