Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ethan's Letters (and Our Colds)

I thought I would share some of Ethan's letter drawings. This was done on the computer. Shaun taught him how to "draw" (and erase) on Photoshop's Doodle Pad. His hand-eye coordination continues to amaze me. It's difficult for me to "draw" using a mouse! He does do better with a pen (actually, he does his best drawings on his Doodle Pro, which makes it impossible for me to keep them), but I thought this was a pretty good attempt, too. The letters in this drawing are E, A, D, (a line) and F.

I love how he just keeps adding lines to his E's, but he leaves only two on his F's. His favorite letters to write are D and H. I think the line before the F was going to be an H, but he didn't have enough room to finish it.

We are all sick with a cold right now. I guess I jinxed us when I commented on my sister's blog that we hadn't been sick yet this season! I got it the worst, and today my voice only works when it REALLY wants to and my nose looks a lot like Rudolph's. The kids have had some trouble sleeping, but have not been too bad as far as runny noses and coughs go.


scrap chair potato said...

That is really amazing. I have a hard time writing with a mouse, too. Good job Ethan!
You need to record your voice and post it on your blog, it is so funny!!! You had me crying with laughter on the phone this morning.

mommyofthree said...

Cute letters! I can't believe he is only two and a half. I like the F best. I love when they are learning to write and do the E's with loads of lines. Cute.

gma dibb said...

Those are so fun. I've never tried to write with a mouse. I'm sure my letters would look much like Ethan's. He is such a smarty. He'll have his name down soon, I'm sure.