Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whoa Neti!

I first saw a Neti Pot on Oprah last year. Dr. Oz said that using one really cleans out your sinuses and can relieve symptoms of allergies and other nasal/sinus problems. I thought it was pretty interesting and kind of gross (they demonstrated how to use it on the show). A couple of months later my sister told me that her friend swore by it and recommended that she get one to relieve her nasal allergy symptoms. This week I was looking online for things I could do to relieve my cold symptoms (the medicine I was taking wasn't doing anything) and the use of a Neti Pot was one recommendation. I sent Shaun to get one in my desperation. We got the SinuCleanse brand that is plastic and was only $10. It is so cool and grosser than I thought, especially since i have a cold. It does work, but the relief (at least with a horrible cold) is only temporary. I'm sure that if it was just allergies you were treating it would last longer. The greatest thing about it is that it is drug-free. Another great perk is that it only cost $10 and you can use it forever. I definitely think it is worth the investment if you need relief from sinus problems and your medication isn't quite cutting it.


Nana J said...

I have done "nasal irrigation" for my sinuses for the last few years and it has made a huge difference related to allergies.. I do it in the shower every morning and it works wells.

mommyofthree said...

My friend gave me something similar, called the Sinu-rinse. It is a bottle that you squeeze, so her husband (who's a doctor) said people think it is easier to use. I use it when I feel like my sinuses are stuffier than normal, or when I'm sick. Even though the relief feels temporary at first, if you use it for days in a row, it works long term. I really think it's great. (Although I told Scrappy that I don't really think Dusty is old enough yet, it feels disgusting.) I'm glad you got one!(But I think it's a pretty lame birthday gift--couldn't you find anything better?) :)

scrap chair potato said...

I love your title! Whoa Neti... so funny!
I think for $10 it is worth trying on Dusty. I will let you know how it goes.