Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twilight 2

So, I am finished reading 'Twilight' and I still am not sure what I think of it. I don't think it's quite as good as I was made to think it was before I started it (obviously, since it took me a whole two weeks to read it). I went through varied opinions while I was reading. In the beginning I thought it was interesting and more modern than I expected. I was somewhat intrigued. When all of the 'secrets' started to come out, I started to think, "seriously, VAMPIRES?!" I already knew that was the premise of the story, of course, but when I was actually reading it, my dislike for fantasy stories emerged. So I continued reading, hoping to realize why everyone liked it so much. (I was still enjoying it and didn't like when I was interrupted, but I wasn't LOVING every second.) Then I got to the last few chapters and was very enthralled. I just had to see what happened. By the last chapter, though, I knew it would be a cliffhanger and I would have to read the second book of the series. (In the middle of the book I was considering only reading the one.) I finished the final chapter (Epilogue) and thought I could still go without reading any further. But, I decided I would read the first chapter of 'New Moon' (sneak peek in the back of 'Twilight') just for fun......Now I'm hooked! I feel like I was watching a movie and the power went off right in the middle, and I'm waiting very impatiently for the power to come back on. I AM going to have to read the second book after all, which probably means I am going to have to read all four (or five if I decide to read 'Midnight Sun'). This makes me sort of angry, mostly because I don't have them all in my possession right now, but also because now I have to become a 'READER'. I never thought that was going to happen in my lifetime, let alone when I had young kids at home. Oh, well. So there's my review (kind of) of 'Twilight'. As you can see, I still have mixed feelings about how good the book actually is, but it definitely is easy to read and easy to get hooked on.

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mommyofthree said...

You wouldn't want to become a READER!! That would be just awful! ;) I'm glad you liked it though--enjoy the next two. I felt like I didn't want to read them, but had to. Do you think maybe she has laced them with cocaine or something? ;)