Friday, February 29, 2008

One Toothy Grin, Comin' Up!

Spencer finally got his first tooth on Wednesday (the day before his 8 month b-day). Then he got his second tooth on Thursday. I am so excited because I've been waiting for this for a couple of months (Ethan got his first tooth at 6 1/2 months), but I'm also kind of sad because his toothless grin is so cute. He has been slightly more cranky than normal, but he is also showing signs of separation anxiety, so I'm not sure if the crankiness is because of the teeth or just the anxiety. One thing that I think is so weird, though, is that before Wednesday, since he was born, he would eagerly welcome my finger into his mouth. When I felt for teeth those two months, he would gladly chew on my finger. Then, all of a sudden, on Wednesday he decided that he didn't like that anymore. He now holds his lips shut as tightly as possible when my finger comes anywhere near his mouth. It's almost as if he's afraid I might steal his new teeth from him. It's funny. I always used to think that Ethan was a little slow when it came to physical development, but now that I have Spencer I see that he could have been a lot slower. I know that Ethan got is teeth on the early side, but he sat up and crawled a little later than average. Spencer, at 8 months, not only just got his first teeth, but he is still not sitting up on his own, he's not anywhere near crawling and just started rolling over both ways less than a month ago. He also had a hard time getting the hang of solid foods. I am in no way worried, nor do I think my son is not smart, I'm just stating facts. Anyway, (nice tangent) Spencer is getting his teeth. Yay!


Brooke said...

Tanner has been slow in a lot of the developmental milestones. He didn't really get the hang of crawling until he was almost 11 months old. He's not walking either, and he's almost 13 months. It has bothered Josh and me some, but as long as he keeps making progress, we're happy.

Diane said...

Your boys are both growing so fast! When we only see you once or twice a year, it's no wonder that I can't believe how much they have grown.

scrap chair potato said...

I wish I could see those cute new pearly whites.
I often wonder who those people writing books about children are writing. I think most children do things slower than they "should" be doing them.