Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This morning I was sitting at the computer and Ethan was playing with his favorite stuffed bear (a pink Care Bear). I heard him say "Mommy, bear eat." I turned to see what he was "feeding" to the bear and he was sitting in the rocking chair with his shirt pulled up, "nursing" the bear. I said "Oh, is your bear eating?" He said "yes" and I left him to his make-believe, but I couldn't help but call my sister to tell her how funny it was. Then, later today he was sitting on the couch "nursing" his bear again and he said "Mommy, bear eat belly button." I said "Is he eating from your belly button?" He said "yes" and continued. I tried to get a picture, but as soon as I got the camera, he stopped. He then looked at his bear and said "Bear, go poopoo?" I asked him if his bear needed to go potty now. He said "yes" and I asked "does your bear need a diaper or does he use the potty?" He said "potty" and headed to the bathroom. I let him walk away and that was the end of that (he couldn't get into the bathroom, and I guess he got distracted). He really likes his bear and he changes it's diaper a lot, but I never thought he would nurse it, especially since Spencer is almost eight months old and he had never done it before today. I thought it was so cute and I hope I can catch him doing it again so that I can get a picture of it.


mommyofthree said...

That's cute. I had forgotten Shaylie used to do that. She even did two at a time sometimes!

scrap chair potato said...

So funny! I hope you do get a picture.

gma dibb said...

I love it!