Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spencer Overload

I took some cute pictures of Spencer today, so I thought I'd share.

My poor children both fell asleep while I was hanging new blinds in their room. Ethan fell asleep on the couch with Daddy. Spencer was not so lucky.

Here's a pretty good one of Spencer's new teeth. He has the same snaggle tooth Ethan had. (But not for long; they're coming in fast!)

These are the cheesy smiley faces he made while I was taking pictures of him. (I think he was really enjoying having the camera in his face. What a ham!)

Spencer really likes pointing at things (and people) lately. When he masters a skill, he really likes to show it off!

Striking a pose.

On the move.

Another one of Spencer's new tricks is saying (shaking his head) "no". Oh what a joy! I guess the bright side is that it's getting a little bit easier to tell what he does and does not want. I tried to get him to wave to the camera, but he wouldn't. Oh, well I'm sure you can all picture it. Oh, and the big scratch on his arm is a gift from Ethan, of course.


scrap chair potato said...

He is too cute for words. I want to squeeze him! He is getting so big. I cannot believe he will be 1 soon.

mommyofthree said...

I could just eat him up. What a cute boy!

gma dibb said...

Such a sweet boy. Love those cheesy grins. I miss him.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, long eyelashes!

Graham and Kate said...

Hey.. Thanks for commenting.. It's always helpful to know who's out there and reading.. Your boys are SO cute! Where are you guys living now? Still up north? Anywho.. hope you're doing well! :)