Sunday, May 11, 2008


Aren't sisters great? Well, mine are. Although the reason for their visit was not all good, I was so happy to spend time with my sisters this past weekend. My sisters and I always have a blast when we are together, and although we usually suffer from a lack of sleep it is always worth it. Last night both of them stayed at my house and I was so excited to have them here. I love them both and they are my best friends. I could talk to either of them on the phone for hours, and three-way calls are always fun. We all live WAY too far from each other, so phone calls are essential. My sisters have given me six of the cutest, most lovable nieces and nephews ever. They are always willing to help me with anything (especially by giving great advice) and can always provide a great laugh. They have both always been great examples to me and I've been blessed to have them to look up to. I know they put up with a lot from me (especially since I am the "baby sister"), but they never seem to mind. I was sad to see them go today, but luckily I get to see Kimberlie again later this week.
I love you (and always miss you) girls! Although you can't always be here for me, thanks for always being there for me, wherever you are!


scrap chair potato said...

Right back atcha! :)
Miss you both already.

mommyofthree said...

Love you both too! See you soon!