Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeing Clouds

On Tuesday afternoon I was on the computer (of course) and I noticed that things were looking different through my right eye. I usually can see really clearly with my glasses on, so I thought this was very odd. I decided to ignore it (sort of, I was still wondering what could be wrong). Then, yesterday morning when I got on the computer I noticed that my vision was even worse than on Tuesday. I was curious so I went on WebMD to see if I could "self-diagnose" my problem. That probably wasn't the best idea because I started to think I might be having a stroke. Then I determined that the loss of clarity was actually cloudiness and not blurriness. That sort of calmed me down, but I was still very nervous about what might be wrong with me. Was I going blind? I decided to call the eye doctor and make an appointment for the afternoon. Luckily Kimberlie and Mom were going to be in town to help me out with the kids and a ride if needed. At first I thought the doctor would think I was crazy, but then he looked into my eye and said "ohhh". He knew exactly what it was. What a relief (I guess). Turns out that I have some sort of virus in my eye that has caused cloudy scars on my cornea. He didn't say much of what that would mean for me, but he did say that because it's a virus there's nothing he can do about it. We just have to hope it doesn't get worse and that it heals on its own. He told me to stop wearing my contacts for now. When I got home I looked up corneal scarring and virus on the trusty internet and I found out that one option to restore my vision could be a cornea transplant. Weird! My vision is a little worse today, but I'm still hoping it will get better before I go back to the eye doctor on Saturday. Although I am still worried that I might completely lose vision in my right eye, I am so glad that it wasn't a stroke. Partial blindness is so much better than the possible effects of a stroke!
The picture is of cornea scars. I don't think mine is that bad though.


scrap chair potato said...

Gross. Well, at least there is a silver lining on those clouds -- you don't have to put your "eyes" in every morning, and out every night.
I hope you are seeing clearly soon.

Brooke said...

This type of stuff with eyes is always scary. I hope that pesky virus will high-tail it out of there soon so you can get your eyesight back.

Scooter said...

Emily, you are in my prayers, and I'm hoping you might get an unexpected dose of support that could have benefits elsewhere, even if this particular challenge is serious.

Hang in there.

Love, big brother S.

Megs said...

My dad had a cornea replacement. He was awake for the whole thing and said it was pretty weird but cool. They taped it and I remember watching it and it was pretty gross, but if it helps it is a good thing, right?