Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning Ethan and I were lying in my bed and I asked him to spell a word for me. He didn't want to. Instead, he decided to turn the tables on me. He asked me to spell words for him to repeat. This is how it went:

Ethan: Spell door.

Me: D

E: D

M: O

E: O...

and so on.

After Ethan searched around the room for several things to spell, he turned to names. The first name was Spencer.

E: Spell "Usher" (Spencer)

M: Ok, S

E: S

M: P

E: P

M: E

E: No, Mommy, U!

M: Oh, you want to spell Usher?

E: Yeah, Usher.

I guess if you can't say a name correctly there's no reason to spell it correctly either.

Oh, and by the way. He's wearing underwear right now because he wanted to (to get a car). Yay! He has also sat on the potty twice today. No pee in the potty yet, but I now have some hope.


gma dibb said...

What a smart boy - he know Usher started with a U. Hope the potty gets used soon and frequently

scrap chair potato said...

So cute and funny!
What a little smartie!

Nessa said...

Your little ones are so cute.

That guys name is Josh and I also found out he is in Provo but he is from St. George origanly. Have you figured out how you know him yet? We should get together soon, I talked to Shelby and she wants to do a girls night sometime.