Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photos of St. George Trip

Here are some pictures of our trip. Again, there are so many pictures that I didn't edit any of them.
I have to explain one thing; Ethan's pretty white sweater was worn because it was either borrow a sweater (which was made by Nana) from Addison (his cousin) or wear his dress shirt hiking. Shaun chose the sweater and I thought he looked great in it. :)

Ethan and Great Aunt Shannon looking into the cave

Ethan in his pretty sweater

Gramma, Ethan, and Great Aunt Gwyn

Spencer and Aunt Sarah

Spencer holdin' on

Ethan and Addison playing

Ethan and Daddy hiking

Addison and Ethan

Ethan loved the rocks

I thought it was hilarious that these pictures were captured this way. They are each showing the camera their dirty hands. I love their faces.


mommyofthree said...

Okay, Spencer is so dang cute I can hardly stand it. And Ethan is cute even in his pretty sweater. Fun stuff.

scrap chair potato said...

The pictures with the pretty sweater are so hilarious. He looks so beautiful, especially with those rosy cheeks! ;)
Looks like they had a fun hike.