Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun with Cousins

Over the past two weeks there has been a lot of chaos and a good amount of fighting, but, of course, there has also been a lot of fun. Ethan has enjoyed playing with all of his cousins. He has enjoyed watching movies with K, being "big brother" to Little L, and running around with Big L. All of the cousins have really enjoyed having Spencer around, and he loves to watch all of the kids play. The fighting, although normal, has caused me a bit of stress since Ethan has never really had anybody around to fight with. It sort of has a domino effect. K picks mostly on Ethan and Ethan picks mostly on Little L. Little L has also occasionally picked on Spencer. It has been fun for Ethan (and me) to always have somebody to play with, so I guess the fun is worth the chaos. Here are some pictures to prove it.


scrap chair potato said...

Fighting? Yes. Chaos? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!
We are so glad you are here. :)

gma dibb said...

We miss those five cute boys so much! Dad says it looks like you will have to buy a seat for Spencer to get home. He's huge.