Monday, November 26, 2007

Ethan's First Tattoo

A couple of weeks ago Ethan gave himself his first "tattoo". I actually have been waiting for him to do this for a long time, I just thought it would be with a Crayola marker not a black permanent marker. He found the marker in the desk that is in the room he is sleeping in. It was during naptime, so I didn't know he had done it until after his nap. He seemed pretty surprised by the mess on his arm when he woke up. I am now positive that he is right-handed since all of the drawings were done on his left arm. I was not smart enough to think of taking a picture BEFORE cleaning him up, so the pictures show a faded version of his work. Considering this is the first time he has ever drawn on himself with marker and he hasn't done it again since, I guess I have been pretty lucky in that respect.

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